MOOD BOARDS ... We love good and strong images combined to tell great stories..

You have an idea but cannot yet visualise it or put it into words?

One of our favorite tasks is the initial phase of each project - creating mood boards. Here we became specialists in making our client's vision tangible both with strong images and short descriptions that do justice to the exact feelings and aspirations that the whole project should carry. 

From the initial phase through the development phase and also beyond the realisation .. Our goal is for our customers to be even more convinced of their idea and thus to convince others as well.

Moodboards can be developed for all kinds of projects. These usually serve to provide the very first overall face for the project for the architectural, interior, colour and also experience planning of a project.  One of our favourite and most unusual commissions for mood boards was the interior design of self-driving cars.

Moods portfolio per request
Studio Linda Ehrl